Audition Requirements

Band auditions are held at the start of each band year for Intermediate Band, Intermediate Strings, Wind Ensemble, and Chamber Strings. During the audition, which should take five minutes or less, students will be asked to play scales with arpeggios, perform a prepared selection, and perform a sight-read selection. Instructions for scales and a copy of the prepared piece selections can be found by selecting the group for which your student would like to try out. The sight-reading selection will be chosen by the director the day of auditions. We encourage all students to begin working on the audition requirements over the summer in preparation. This procedure is typical to what students would experience auditioning for district and state events, so this experience will prove invaluable. All three WFHEMA directors will evaluate during the audition and provide valuable written feedback as well as make recommendations for the group they feel the student would have the greatest opportunity for musical growth without frustrating the student with a difficulty level beyond reach. The majority recommendation by the three directors will determine placement.

Audition requirements: