Wind Ensemble

All auditions for 2018-2019 include three components: scales with arpeggios, a prepared selection (found below), and a sight-reading selection chosen by the director. For the audition policy, please click here.

Prepared Excercise

Woodwinds & Brass

  • One octave major scales with one octave arpeggios for the following scales:
    • Major scales: C, G, F, D, Bb, A, Eb, E, Ab, B, Db, F# or Gb
    • Scales are to be memorized and played in the following pattern: tongued up and slurred down, with arpeggios
    • Scale and arpeggio patterns follow all-state requirement, but only one octave is necessary
  • Sight reading (piece chosen by director)


  • Percussionist must try out on snare, mallet and timpani
  • Snare rudiments:
    • single stroke roll
    • single stroke four
    • single stroke seven
    • multiple bounce roll
    • five stroke roll
    • single paradiddle
    • flam
  • Mallets: major scales C, G, F
  • percussion audition
  • Sight reading (piece chosen by director)